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Where do you find all your jewelry?

I get asked this question a lot. While there is the unspoken rule of never revealing all of your secrets, I will share this one. Estate Sales.

What is an estate sale? Isn't it just junk people want to get rid of?

First of all the definition of an estate sale is sale for people to liquidate all of their possessions in a home due to death or a move. That means it could be everything in the closets, bedrooms, bathroom, garage and under the kitchen sink. I've been to extremely affluent homes and non affluent homes, clean and messy, organized and disorganized. So how do you find the "good" ones? Here's a another secret. You never know which ones will be the good ones. There's treasures to be found in the most unlikely places. My advice is to become familiar with the different companies that sponsor estate sales and see if they have a style that you prefer.

A good website to check out is You can type in your zip code and all of the estates sales and auctions will pop up in your area.

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