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Covid Times

So here we are, day 19302498 in quarantine. Well, it kinda feels it. My day job closed allowing and forcing me to really work on a few things. I finished this website, attempting to organize inventory(lord help me!), and enroll in a few FREE! courses at GIA. I'm really enjoying having access to their rare book library, this morning I started reading,The Curious Lore of Precious Stones written in 1913. This book is my dream, I love reading about lore and superstitions. Did you know that moonstones, star sapphires, and cat's eye are all considered gems of good luck?!

This extra time has also allowed me to read more, watch a ton of Netflix/HBO/Prime, cook/bake, complete a latch hook rug, and start a paint by numbers painting. I also designed some pendants that I'm going to give away as gifts.

Boredom is not part of my life. I can always find something to do. I have a million projects in my head and now I finally have time to do some of them.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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