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About Me

Midwest Attic Treasure was established in 2012 in Madison, WI. It started in a tiny studio apartment, lots of coffee and a love for history and adventure. My love for vintage and antiques began when I was younger and worked in an antique store in my hometown of Mt. Horeb, WI. While my studies took me on a journey of earning my Bachelors in Art Therapy and a Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy, my passion continued with antique jewelry.

I turned towards this passion/business/adventure/joy for a creative outlet and embarked on running a small business. Vintage and Antique jewelry is magical for me. The thrill of finding a Victorian locket with mysterious photos inside. The thrill of finding a gold snake bracelet and realizing it belongs in a museum. The thrill of correctly identifying the designers, age, materials, or meanings with very few clues. There is a love for all of these things. My goal is to share my love of vintage with all of you, and bring to light the beauty and stories of all of these jewelry pieces.

With vintage love,



Mission Statement

I love finding jewelry that is interesting, has a story to tell, or romantic in nature. Every piece has a story. Every piece is and was loved. 

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